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Goodbuy America!

Goodbuy America !

ROKOTOFF – Goodbuy America! Think about the brands that you know well, and perhaps even love. Chances are, it’s not just a brand name you’re recalling, but a tagline, too. Almost all brands, products, and large corporations have some kind of tagline.   What Is a Tagline? Taglines (also called straplines, tags, slogans, or brand […]

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1000-life-style-cowboy boots rokotoff selvedge denim

Lifestyle – Selvedge

An undeniable fact that jeans are the most widespread, actual clothes that will be appropriate anywhere. But everyone treats them differently. For some, jeans are just a minor detail, combining expensive gumshoes from the new collection and a cool «limited edition» jacket, for others it is a cult product that requires special attention.   And […]

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Your history in jeans ROKOTOFF®

Our clothes, just like the objects we surround ourselves with, tell our stories – the details of our lives. We carry them places, they accompany us through our days and Jeans they contain our memories. Do you have an of jeans that brings back a special memory? send me its story   Your history […]

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Detroit Diesel by Rokotoff

ROKOTOFF – Prices range

ROKOTOFF® is a New York-based luxury fresh denim brand that was established in 2013. SPIV ROKOTOFF ® – Prices range from $225-$1300. Sterling Silver in ROKOTOFF ® – Prices range from $450-$1200 Rokotov & Fainberg™ – Prices range from $250-$650 ROKOTOFF®  jeans are manufactured in USA. The denim used for the manufacture of the jeans, is organically […]

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Rokotoff campaign

  The world of raw denim used to have a major gender bias. For a long time it was a major challenge for ladies interested in untreated denim. Until a few years ago, most talk of women’s raw denim revolved around which pairs of men’s jeans would best compliment a lady’s figure. Luckily, this is […]

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ROKOTOFF  – ジーンズは、その品質、耐久性、ユニークなフェージング特性、及びインディゴ染料を保持する能力のために有名である日本やアメリカの綿花、から構成されている。ジーンズは、デニムから期待品質を確保するために手で組み立てられる。

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Today's Best on Paris FW. Rue Saint-Honoré, next Balenciaga. (Correct me if I am wrong).

Graffiti ‘the Lanes’

Rokotov & Fainberg is an clothing boutique specializing in selvedge denim and graphic print t-shirts, tops and accessories inspired by the street graffiti of New-York City and the edgy district ‘the Lanes’ in and many other cities around the world. Fashion a lot of times comes from the street. Street art today has come into […]

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X’ Centric collections

 X’ Centric collections – offers bespoke jeans of the utmost excellence. Demand outstrips supply each season, due to “SPIV” production limited edition, rigorous handcrafted process at every stage of manufacture; and the exclusivity of our washes. It has evolved into a very popular collection. Custom made “SPIV”  these are beautifully crafted handmade rivets and buttons 925″ […]

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№ 88 Our First Jeans!

Prehistory: #88 Rokotov & Fainberg  Denim began as a private collection of clothes for the movie project. Vitali Alizier, producer, filmmaker  living in New York City,  wanted to make a film about black marketers 60s in USSR, and to raise funds for the start of the film production, he approached several leading denim companies in America […]

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Steve McQueen

Iconic Jean’s moments in fashion culture…

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of the few…   Jeans Rokotov & Fainberg vintage style for the modern man, with its inspired by Movies heritage. We wanted to emulate their effortless style and admired their […]

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Rokotov & Fainberg Raw Selvedge Denim

№ 88 Eighty-eight is also…

“88“  Logo company Rokotov & Fainberg Denim Eighty-eight is also: in Kill Bill, the name of O-Ren Ishii’s Army, the Crazy 88 88 Minutes, a 2008 film starring Al Pacino in US Citizen’s Band and Amateur radio slang, short for “love and kisses”; origin unknown. in hip hop, where “88” stands for “HH,” short for “hip hop“ the designation of two […]

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Rokotov & Fainberg Presentataion 4

Rokotov & Fainberg Presentation

Email us at “” to get a (PDF) presentation, just send us an email and we shall get back to you as soon as we can. You can send us a message or leave a comment here right below this pictures to grab our attention.     Wholesale: Press: Jobs: Please send your resume: […]

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