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Rokotoff – are making the iconic American jean they dreamed of wearing as young men, influenced by images of James Dean, Brando, Steve McQueen. They are replicating the authentic American jean by making them by hand at a Texas factory that’s been making jeans the same way for over 35 years: it doesn’t get more authentic than that. Their design sensibility is for what is considered a pure American jean, devoid of extraneous embellishments, where it is all about quality, fit and subtlety.  They use the finest selvage denim available, made for over a century in the USA. The precious metal trims are their only deviation from pure utility. It’s luxury, but so subtle it is something you notice only upon closer inspection, when you see those jeans on someone and wonder whose they are and where you can get them. Plus the attention to detail and the authenticity of having jeans hand crafted in Texas at a long-established factory that shares their sensibility of making something real…that’s history you cannot fake. It shows in the final product. Their jeans are for the real denim cognoscenti.
They distinguish themselves in the marketplace through their genuine enthusiasm and devotion to authenticity. Every aspect of Rokotoff appeals to the most discriminating denim-phile.

 Bob Paluzi

CEO “Try America Inc” making jeans since 1979. USA

From only an idea it turned into amazing jeans!  I like the design of the back pockets, the custom jewelery furnishing, and the pocket lining. Glad that you made it!

Ilya Bulychev

CEO “Jean the Tailor

Awesome well-made pair I wear all the time. People really notice custom skull rivets and buttons and want same pair. Feel very special just wearing them around. RF jeans Rock!!

Gene Davidov
Artistic Director in “Zhenya and Szemay” USA

Это лучшие джинсы, которые когда-либо у меня были!
Это на всю жизнь носить
Они raw
Они меняются при каждой стирке
Они живут, Я их чувствую.
Это не безликие штаны-штамповки
Не изъеб дизайнерский
Это строгая роскошь!

Pavel Antonov



I wore many jeans ! but did Jeans are very special row Japanese denim they are truly amazing Rokotoff – Real jeans for Real Man.

Dima Arabo

CEO “Dima Salon”  New-York City



Thank u much, appreciate that…love your jeans & production of it, best of all is your Co. Ad campaign photos are amazing, I can look at them all day long, love how the jeans fit & look & color, I almost feel the fabric by looking at those wonderful jeans…  I will, love how the pockets from inside lined with an American flag print just brilliant makes them attractive, idk love that, congratulations for such product.

— youdontbuystyle