About Us

ROKOTOFF ® – Made in the USA

ROKOTOFF ® is a denim and clothing brand that sets itself apart by consistency in concept and strong lifestyle identity, as well as overwhelming commitment to the product and brand. Those who find ROKOTOFF ® in their local retailer will have found a line made from soft layers, domestic American, Japanese and Italian fabrics that reflect an unprecedented commitment to quality and individual style, selvedge denim is renowned for its quality, durability, unique fading characteristics, and ability to hold indigo dye. They’ll also find an unwavering appreciation for denim, clothing and the undying mystique of American ingenuity and craftsmanship. Each piece of ROKOTOFF ® is handcrafted to perfection right here in the United States; the end result, a byproduct of our obsession.

"DETROIT DIESEL" by Rokotoff

“DETROIT DIESEL” by Rokotoff


ROKOTOFF ® denim has many subtle but unique signatures. ROKOTOFF ® takes the classic, five-pocket jean aesthetic and incorporates design details that flatter and compliment the wearer’s silhouette in both our men’s and women’s collections. On the back pocket Bullets-shape™ designs, as well as placement, adds shape to the seat while the seam construction elongates and slims the leg.

ROKOTOFF ® uses a variety of trims and hardware, but the most noticeable piece of hardware we use is authentic washer rivets that pinch through the denim as they were originally designed to do. They are only found on authentic vintage jeans and are unique to the ROKOTOFF® Brand. We also use rivets made by hand of sterling silver and bronze.

“Bullets-shape” design

“Bullets-shape” design

ROKOTOFF®  Jeans has a variety of labels that cater to many price-points and denim preferences. We keep all our jeans: “Rokotov & Fainberg”,  also we have“RF.88.1961” line and  “RED ROKOTOFF” collections In all lines of jeans, we use the best fabric in the world combined with modern and classic fits.


That`s right, real American workers handcrafted our clothing with the highest quality fabrics, stitches, and materials made in America. None of that foreign made, sweat shop, unfair, penny paid labor here. Our clothing keeps people working in the United States.


“The crucial difference between the Spiv and the classic Hollywood gangster was the degree of sympathy the Spiv gained as an intermediary in the transfer of black market goods to… a grateful mass of consumers.”