Rokotov & Fainberg Raw Selvedge Denim

№ 88 Eighty-eight is also…

“88“  Logo company Rokotov & Fainberg Denim Eighty-eight is also: in Kill Bill, the name of O-Ren Ishii’s Army, the Crazy 88 88 Minutes, a 2008 film starring Al Pacino in US Citizen’s Band and Amateur radio slang, short for “love and kisses”; origin unknown. in hip hop, where “88” stands for “HH,” short for “hip hop“ the designation of two […]

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Rokotoff – are making the iconic American jean they dreamed of wearing as young men, influenced by images of James Dean, Brando, Steve McQueen. They are replicating the authentic American jean by making them by hand at a Texas factory that’s been making jeans the same way for over 35 years: it doesn’t get more […]

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Rokotov & Fainberg Presentataion 4

Rokotov & Fainberg Presentation

Email us at “” to get a (PDF) presentation, just send us an email and we shall get back to you as soon as we can. You can send us a message or leave a comment here right below this pictures to grab our attention.     Wholesale: Press: Jobs: Please send your resume: […]

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TM Pockets Rokotoff2013

“Bullets-shape” design pockets by ROKOTOFF®

If you saw our pictures on site you may have noticed that  original design pockets on ROKOTOFF® jeans. The pockets jeans ROKOTOFF® – always have classic designs and they are flat. These include neat stitch “Bullets-shape” design pockets stripes across the back pocket. This is our exclusive solution, taken as an example of Magnum cartridge. Try […]

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