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Model: Vika Falileeva Photo by: Jurij Treskow Are You a Raw me Member?

Model: Vika Falileeva Photo by: Jurij Treskow
Are You a RawMember?

The world of raw denim used to have a major gender bias. For a long time it was a major challenge for ladies interested in untreated denim. Until a few years ago, most talk of women’s raw denim revolved around which pairs of men’s jeans would best compliment a lady’s figure. Luckily, this is no longer the case….

Please welcome women’s denim Autumn 2014 season’s lookbook by Rokotoff. This New-York city brand located in USA and “Made in USA” founded and designed by Mila K. offers modern, tailored designs made of qualitative fabrics. Each collection is made by ultra-premium Japanese and American Selvage Denim, that’s why each piece looks unique and timeless.

All in all, if you want something durable, traditional and modern at the same time, then please welcome #rf88 Are You a RawMember? lookbook.

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