Graffiti ‘the Lanes’

Rokotov & Fainberg is an clothing boutique specializing in selvedge denim and graphic print t-shirts, tops and accessories inspired by the street graffiti of New-York City and the edgy district ‘the Lanes’ in and many other cities around the world.


Fashion a lot of times comes from the street. Street art today has come into its own. It’s not about graffiti or rebellion, but creative expression…


The Story

Our founder, Mr. Alizier has always been had a love for cool, edgy t-shirts and accessories, and after spending a lot of time looking for such items in Paris and New-York and many other cities around the world, decided to turn this passion into a business.

He decided to set up Rokotov & Fainberg as an online boutique to combine all the elements that he is looking for, and to share this with others who have the same passion.

Alizier and the team have carefully sourced the products from Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Berlin, giving our customers the choice of a specially selected collection of styles all in one place.

Dear casting directors. Fuck your opinion on my Looks

Rue Saint-Honoré.

The Collection

The cuts have been kept simple including classic regular fit, loose fit and slim fit. We believe that a simply cut t-shirt with an edgy print is always going to be at the front row of fashion.

We have generally chosen to also keep colours simple with most in black, white or grey, allowing for easy matching with your daily wardrobe.

For our t-shirt collection, most of our t-shirts are made from 100% fine cotton. Prints include flower prints and retro prints, as well as some edgier prints.

Street artists typically train their unconventional eye on gritty palettes: They scribble on the edges of city streets, paint elaborate murals on brick and lay down subtle sidewalk graphics. These urban masterminds have a knack for showcasing their work on surfaces that wouldn’t otherwise catch your eye.
But with a string of recent collaborations, they are now aiming their spray cans a little closer to home — your closet. First stop: #rf88
Rokotov & Fainberg – among the fashion brands that have embraced the edgy aesthetics of street art by partnering with well-known artists for limited edition products. These collaborations allow designers to explore new artistic territory while sparking welcome chatter among the press and the public…

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