“Live Color” Why Indigo Fade?

For many people, nothing can be compared to the smell of a new pair of raw jeans. Literally, it’s the smell of skill. At every stage, from the cotton harvest, dyeing and weaving, right up to the sewing, men and women with their hands create these jeans.
When you wear a new pair of raw jeans, there begins another kind of skill – to wear it out beautifully. For some people to wear out jeans is a sport.
And for us it’s definitely a challenge.
To wear out a new pair of raw jeans it is a journey six month long. And the result depends on the way you are travelling by.  Persistent sitting in the office will not decorate denim as if,for example, repairing motorcycles. Whatever your lifestyle is, your jeans are pages from a magazine about the past – you might even eventually be able to share a few funny stories about the origin of certain spots, holes or scuffs.
Rokotov & Fainberg, has washed after 6 months. Kaihara denim 12oz

Rokotov & Fainberg, has washed after 6 months. Kaihara denim 12oz

WHEN YOU have gone so far that your new tough jeans were worn out not partly, but completely over the entire surface and become soft – they turn into your second skin.
Compared with a new pair of jeans, a smell of worn out pair before washing is quite another matter. This smell may even be able to resurrect the dead. But it’s definitely smell of a winner.
There are many ways to wear out raw jeans. Nevertheless, we want to give a few tips to get a good result:
Start with a pair of raw jeans from the collection # 88 of Rokotov & Fainberg. For best results, choose denim, 12 ounces or heavier. Raw lighter weight fabrics or stretch fabric will not  be worn out to vivid contrasts, because the fabric is not strong enough. Black denim also has no ability to be worn out as dyed indigo.
Wear your jeans every day for at least six months. The longer you wear them, the more character and personality they acquire.
Rokotov & Fainberg Raw Selvedge Denim Made in USA
If necessary, wipe them with a damp cloth to remove stains.
If you want to get rid of the smell during wearing, you can simply hang the jeans out for airing on a sunny and windy day, or put them in the freezer folded into a tight roll, for a couple of hours.
When, finally, it is time to wash jeans you need to turn them inside out and wash by hand at 40 or 60 degrees Celsius.
After washing while jeans are wet, they must be straighten along the seams and hang out to dry so that they will not fall during drying.
If you wash jeans too early, you just will wash out the color of the product, which just goes into the water. In this case after washing jeans can become even darker and then you will not get typical scuffes.
Rokotov & Fainberg, has washed after 6 months. Kaihara denim 12oz
In the dyeing process, the natural cotton is dipped in few dye baths where it gradually turns into a deep blue color.
Since cotton thread can not fully absorb the color and in the dyeing process fabric is not washed – the color will gradually be wiped during wearing – thus the name: “Live Color.”

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