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An undeniable fact that jeans are the most widespread, actual clothes that will be appropriate anywhere. But everyone treats them differently. For some, jeans are just a minor detail, combining expensive gumshoes from the new collection and a cool «limited edition» jacket, for others it is a cult product that requires special attention.
And now we`ll talk about these “cult jeans”, rigid denim jeans, called selvedge. For this we have to forget about everyday Levi’s (with all due respect), and turn our look to the StreetWear culture. And the key words in this topic are – “Japan” and “denim”, in fact, these two words contain the most current trends in the world of denim fashion.
From the very beginning, we must understand that we are talking about the harsh, real, men’s dark colored jeans. We should forget about graceful light “panties” for a time. The Japanese tell us that quality denim – your second “I”; in seams, crumpled and worn places it keeps a history, a story of your experiences.
Generally accepted opinion that everything related with quality and stylish denim comes from Japan, actually Japanese – style legislators in the world of jeans. And they tell us that only very dense denim, rigid and without any manufacturing can be called jeans.

Adherents of street style, just do not accept any tricks in jeans coloring, giving “the effect of weared jeans”



They prefer to do it themselves, during a long, everyday wear, without resorting to the usage of special machine tools and chemical treatment. Ie following their recommendations you should be dressed in raw denim or rather not manufactured. Besides, such denim is the most trouble-free and high quality and for this features is well respected.


If ten people buy jeans from our denim, they can do with them whatever they want. However, I must be convinced that these jeans withstand everything.
CEO/President  Kaihara Denim
Kaihara – one of the best manufacturers of denim, for the production of jeans he uses incredible size machines that are unique and exist in a single item. In his denim thread is twisted up to 65 times, the best cotton in the world is supplied from Greece, America, and Australia. Many will say that it is economically inefficient and too spendy affair.
The second important feature of the style is selvedge  itself. Earlier this term called colored thread that is woven into the fabric roll to ensure that it will not untwist. Old sewing machines cut out jeans so that the outer seam was in roll edge length, so these jeans easy to recognize, turning them out in the bottom of leg for the colored stitching.
In classical selvedge was used red thread. In large factories was used different color thread that would indicate their production.
What causes such a passion for selvedge in streetwear? Of course, feature in quality assurance plays an important role, but the first is a kind of philosophy, a desire to stand out. It’s not ordinary mass production, “darning” thousand pairs per hour, but almost handmade using vintage machines, Jeans from the capital letter.
Willy-nilly, they become more than just clothing for those who once wore them.  That’s why you often can see reverse on ROKOTOFF jeans. Rough Japanese denim, combined with a selvedge strip is some indicator that symbolizes belonging to the connoisseurs of true jeans, but noy pants of mass production.
Jeans “ROKOTOFF” has long been an acquired taste,
preferred by the kind of people who like to live at the very end of the road….