MADE IN THE USA Straight Fit- Silver/Raw Denim 14,5oz


We decided to make The Skull and Denim Collection, for X-Centric people. It has evolved into a very popular collection.

All Skull Designs by GENE DAVIDOV© for Rokotov & Fainberg Co.

These are beautifully crafted handmade rivets and buttons , that also  have a nice personality.  These jeans can be worn all around, all the time, on any occasion.
  • The quality speaks for itself, it may not be everyone’s cup of coffee, but we have sold many jeans to rock stars, actors, Harley Davidson riders, stock brokers, students, even superior court judge .
  • Rokotov & Fainberg’s “The Skull”  is just plain nice, that’s all I can say. They are all signed by Gene Davidov for Rokotov & Fainberg and copyrighted.

Model: Styling is classic – “RF88. 1961″

Limited Edition.

Rokotov & Fainberg denim has many subtle but unique signatures. These include neat stitch “Bullets” stripes across the back pocket. Pockets inside the jeans are made of cotton and have a U.S. flag image. The button/rivets bear a logo of the “The Skull″

RF88 this relaxed pair of low rise straight jeans is the perfect option for laid-back casual. The raw straight fit is non-restricting and softens as you wear them, making them impossible to take off.

  • 14,5oz Red Selvedge Denim “Cone Mills” USA
  • 10 oz Natural cotton Flag USA Lined Pockets
  • Patch Pocket (done by hand)
  • YKK Zipper
  • Sterling Silver Buttons custom made The Skull Logo
  • Selvedge Denim, custom make rivets for Sterling Silver ( 8 pcs).
  • Sanforized, so little or no shrinkage but like all denim, will stretch up to one inch in the waist with wear.
  • Please allow 5-10 business days for processing orders. Custom made.
  • Pay via only PayPal or Amazon
  • Please contact us with any questions:






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